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  Upgrading funeral work from the established folk tradition to institutionalization and guidance has never been done overnight. As early as 1997 , the State Council has promulgated and implemented the "Regulations on the Management of Funeral and Burial". In 2012 , after the civil affairs department cancelled the right to enforce illegal burials and burials, it issued the Guiding Opinions on the Comprehensive Implementation of the Policy of Huimin Funeral and Interment. 2013 Nian 2 months, Huimin funeral policy is fully implemented, while the start, as well as the construction of urban public cemetery. By the end of 2018 , 30 provinces across the country had implemented the Huimin Funeral Policy.managed service provider program,  2 . Lize Financial Business District

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  2 . Lize Financial Business Districtmanaged service provider program,  "Each country has its own way of realizing human rights." Tirabayev said that he spoke highly of China's achievements in the cause of human rights: "China has acceded to 27 international human rights conventions, mainly It includes the "United Nations Convention on Human Rights" and the "International Labour Organization Convention." He believes that some human rights issues in China can only be resolved by the Chinese people, not by the international community.