Guang'an City

  On the evening of December 3 , Hong Kong police posted a message on social media saying that petrol bombs and different types of chemicals and weapons were found in some of the rubbish dumps or locked places of the Hong Kong Polytechnic University. Police said that in response to a university request, the police have re-entered the campus in the past 2 days to deal with related items. As of 12 Yue 2 , police in Hong Kong Polytechnic University have seized 4296 Mei petrol bombs, 671 bottles of chemicals and 622 weapons.github/ethereum/mist/releases,  Taiwan Media Info Map Taiwan Media Info Map

Liu Jie

  Taiwan Media Info Map Taiwan Media Info Mapgithub/ethereum/mist/releases,  It is reported that the defendant Liu Jian has no objection to the prosecution's charge of bribery and corruption. The court's trial ended that day, and the court did not pronounce a sentence.